About Us -

For the Love of Dogs

After Hurricane Katrina, residence found that their pets helped them through the rough time. Their pets helped them emotionally, and having them around was very comforting. This is where NivaNola “For the Love of Dogs” originated. New Orleans residents love their pets as much as they love to party.

We offer Doggie T’s, booties, washable dog collars, tutus and collar “metals” to protect the pets.

T-shirts and Dresses - $19.00 each - with different designs, such as:
• “I love Lakeview” ( “love” is a heart”)
• “Hot Paws”
• “Geaux Tigers”
• “Geaux LSU”

3) Washable dog collars - $10.00 each

4) Tutus - $10.00 each

5) Metals - $8.00

Summer designs and “Rock and Roll” designs are currently being designed and will be ready to display soon.